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Our 'MetaMode' plug-in for fashion integrates with your e-commerce infrastructure
Metaverse avatars and an immersive shopping experience
Get your customers metaverse ready in 3 simple steps

MetaMode plugin for metaverse

your customers for metaverse

Interoperable avatars for shopping & multiple gaming platforms

Complement your physical product sales with digital product sales
  • Think NFT airdrops for brand loyalty & physical store visits
  • Think your customers' avatars sporting your brand's apparels at a Fortnite concert or a Decentraland event
  • Think 'MetaMode'

Our easy to integrate tool suite enhances your existing e-commerce apps and brings 'social commerce' to your platforms

freundAR plugin illustrative
Augmented Reality & Video Calling for a co-shopping experience
Optionally use the video calling feature for virtual sales advisory via in-store staff or influencers

Get started in 3 easy steps

Integrable package provided with an easy step-by-step technical documentation & integration support

Use your existing product models or let us assist you in creating 3D models for your products

Get monthly customer insights plus product recommendation engine utilizing customers’ scanned environments

Something is cooking here

Something's cooking

Is your brand metaverse ready?

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