E-commerce mobile apps are meh

March 15, 2022

There, we said it! E-Commerce platforms are pretty bland. Not much has changed in the feel and look over the years. Billions are already flowing into metaverse platforms, whereas even some of the best e-commerce platforms still lack AR, VR functionalities that the customers are used to in other environments.

The online retail transaction volume has blown up in the past few years but the user experience has stayed the same - bland! Yes we feel really strongly about that UX of e-commerce platforms.
To sustain this pandemic driven growth, brands need to innovate to improve the user base and engagement. It may not take long for social networking sites to become major online retailers/aggregators if brands do not innovate.

Lo behold! How about a plug-in for the e-commerce mobile apps that allows one to talk with friends and add a layer of AR to place products in a real time environment. Pretty basic right?

E-commerce platforms now have an option to let their customers place products in their home environment AND talk at the same time, for that co-shopping experience in the virtual world. Bring in the social networking aspects to your platforms rather than losing your customers to aggregators and social media platforms.

We at freundAR are helping bring the next generation of online retail to your brand - making your brand AR, VR and metaverse ready.

A different version of this post was originally published on www.tarun.page

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