The patchwork of innovation that is the metaverse of today
Citing a consulting framework to declutter the space, and bringing focus back on the basics and why to be wary of any company claiming to be 'creating' metaverse
March 28, 2022
E-commerce mobile apps are meh
There, we said it! To sustain the pandemic driven growth, brands & online retailers need to innovate to improve the user base and engagement. We at freundAR are helping bring the next generation of online retail to your brand - making your brand AR, VR and metaverse ready
March 15, 2022
Metaverse - separating noise from signal
Brands will increasingly need to create experiences for their users in metaverse to increase customer engagement. As AR, VR metaverse technology matures and pop-culture continually changes, the need for a customer's coherent brand experience should not be lost in a patch work of user experiences in the metaverse.
March 15, 2022
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